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Rhodes Ridge Infrastructure

RTIO engaged Formstruct to perform the design, engineering and construction of the remote facilities at Rhodes Ridge for Resource Development which includes the following infrastructure;

  • Office building 12m x 12m in size
  • First Aid building with ambulance parking
  • Ice and Potable Water Building with water chiller and ice maker
  • Crib Building facility 12m x 3m
  • Ablution building 9m x 3m with cleaners store
  • 20,000 litre Waste Oil Tank
  • 70,000 litre diesel storage and dispensing facility with Smartfill Gen 2 Fuel Management System
  • 612m2 area of sea container mounted dome shelters with concrete workshop slabs and lighting and power
  • 16,000 litres of Potable Water storage
  • 14,000 litres of Raw Water Storage
  • 20,000 litre waste water storage holding tank
  • 4 x diesel generators for power supply